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Golden Compass Mining and Geological Company (GC) Consultancy and Services is a leading firm offering technical exploration, geology, mining, and financial services for mining companies. GC works with its clients to define new targets, to develop mine plans, and improve the operation of existing mines, always focusing on achieving optimal output and return. GC’s strength lies in the convergence of its people, proprietary information, and independence. These complement the energy, intellect, and experience that GC applies in providing its clients with innovative solutions.

Golden Compass has an international presence with two offices located in Australia and Saudi Arabia. They offer the collective expertise of more than 150 staff members, many of whom are global leaders in their fields, making GC a fully-integrated, full-service provider. Moreover, GC  has access to unique tools that assist its clients to maximize the value of its exploration licenses and mining operations.

Golden Compass brings significant experience in mineral exploration drilling, exploration, geochemistry, geology, metallurgy, mine engineering, backfill, ventilation, feasibility studies, strategy, optimization, technical audits, appraisals, expert report, business improvement, and reporting resources all under international standards. GC is known for providing innovative, practical solutions based on the staff’s experience, industry insights, and up-to-date performance data. GC offers collective experience, independence, global reach, and innovative solutions. These assist its clients to develop their projects to the levels of success they are seeking.

Golden Compass brings significant experience in exploration Drilling (Diamond Drilling, Reverse Circulation, Sonic), geochemistry studies, geology studies, metallurgy studies, mine engineering, back filling, ventilation, feasibility studies, Mining strategy, optimization, technical audits, appraisals, expert report, business improvement and reporting resources under international standards.


“I am honoured to lead Golden Compass and its talented and dedicated employees. Our team will continue to prioritise the creation of long-term shareholder value. We will do this by driving operational efficiencies in the business and optimising commercial practices to deliver value for our customers. Golden Compass has a proud startup of more than 5 years, and my goal is to build on the Company’s success of technical excellence, innovation, and industry-leading safety practices”

Meshary AlAli
CEO, Partner


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