About Golden Compass

Saftey Excellence

√ Care for our people
√ Identify and manage hazards to eliminate or mitigate resultant risks
√ Prevent injury, ill-health, pollution, and loss resulting from our activities
√ Be responsible in our approach to protecting the environment and minimizing our impacts
√ continuous improvement in our health, safety, security, and environmental performance
√ Safety Training
√ Ensuring we have exemplary HSSE leadership and management.
√ Having effective, efficient and applied HSSE management systems.
√ Understanding and complying with all legal, industry and other external requirements.
√ Working with our Partners, regulators and others to promote continuous improvement.
√ Training our people to be competent and safe in undertaking their roles.
√ Learning lessons from our incidents and preventing reoccurrence.
√ Promoting a positive HSSE culture that drives HSSEA improvement.
√ Encouraging anyone to stop a job and reporting if they perceive any HSSE shortfall.