Production Drilling

Number of Rigs: 12

Working Location: Saudi Arabia

Available Drilling Sizes: 76 – 140mm / 3’’ – 5.5’’

Sampling Device: Sandvik Device

Production Drilling Capabilities

The Golden Compass offers a diverse range of underground production drilling services such as cable bolt drilling, long-hole drill and blast, and more. Our drilling service teams are dedicated to delivering safe, fast, and effective production drilling by using pneumatic/hydraulic down-the-hole (DTH) or top hammer methods.

The Golden Compass offers:

  • Pneumatic top hammer
  • Electric/Hydraulic top hammer
  • Conversion top hammer/ITH

Used in both underground and surface applications in a pit, holes are drilled and explosives are then inserted to blast material, which is loaded and taken to the mill.

Slot and inverse raises provide drill and blast holes from level to level in an underground mine. The Golden Compass uses portable drills and a time-tested methodology for cost effective meters.