Sonic Drilling

Number of Rigs: 1

Available Drilling Sizes: PQ, PG3

Max Drilling depth: 100m

Available Drilling Sizes: Gulf GCC

Sonic Drilling

Our Sonic Rig provide a continuous, relatively undisturbed in-situ core sample of unparalleled quality and accuracy. Sonic Drilling reduces drill spoils and waste by up to 80 percent relative to conventional drilling methods and faster.

Sonic Drilling Capabilities

Heap leach ore recovery

Ore that is not being milled is placed on pads underneath a sprinker system that saturates the pads with a solution to wash the metals or minerals out. There are usually packets within the pad that are unsaturated. We drill into that unsaturated portion to enable the solution to be delivered for leaching.


Grade Control Sampling

Ore that is to be milled is placed on pads that run through the mill. Prior to entering the mill, we drill into those input pads. The samples provided to the mining company give them a better understanding of the quality of ore output.

Geotechnical Instrument Installation

Geotechnical instrumentation installation that can be performed with sonic drilling include:

  • Vibrating wire piezometers.
  • Slop inclinometers.
  • Soil Vapor Probes.
  • Standpipe Piezometers.
  • Ability to adopt to CPT rams and push cones