Underground Drilling

Number of Rigs: 3

Max Depth: : 400m

Working Location: Gulf GCC

Core Orientation: Reflex – Diveco

Underground Drilling Coring / Exploration Capabilities

The Golden Compass offers diverse underground coring drilling solutions perfectly tailored for each project – delivering safe and productive meters.

Our modular coring rigs and mobile platforms make it easy for drill crews to safely move from site-to-site. The Golden Compass (GC-400S) series of modular diamond drill rig (GC-400), feature easily interchangeable components, allowing for space constraints without sacrificing depth requirements. The standard modular design includes a mobile platform in order to service larger underground mines and provides for more efficient moves between drill sites.

The Golden Compass has the expertise and a diverse fleet of equipment ranging from small to large capacity drills. We can accommodate projects to over 1000-meter angle and vertical hole projects. Plus, with The Golden Compass, we offer safer and more efficient up holes at any angle.