Surface Coring

Number of Rigs: 26

Max Depth NQ Size: : 2000

Working Location: Australia, Gulf GCC, MENA

Available Drilling Sizes: PQ, HQ3, HQ, NQ3, NQ, BQ

Core Orientation: Reflex – Diveco - BLY

Downhole Survey: Reflex – Diveco (Multi & Single) - BLY

Surface Core Drilling Capabilities

You need quality core and with our international team of surface coring experts and a diverse fleet of surface coring rigs and equipment, we meet even the toughest project requirements. In order to deliver the best solution for the job, our team of professionals work tirelessly to understand your project objectives information to recommend the best solution for your project to meet the project requirements and exceed your expectations.

The Golden Compass experts have extensive technical knowledge and experience in deep surface coring drilling techniques. With our expertise and selection of deep capacity drills, we routinely reach depths exceeding 2625 feet (800 meters HQ – 1200 NQ ).

Integrated core orientation identifies the angles of dips and streaks and formation fractures for the most detailed geological data so you can deliver better 3D modeling and optimize pit design and development. In exploration, budgets are often a resource constraint that requires careful planning. With integrated core orientation, The Golden Compass provides additional information at a lower cost.